In the thriving ecosystem of Instagram, where visually pleasing aesthetics and trending memes typically prevail, an extraordinary content form has managed to capture a vast audience's attention. Penetrating the clutter of influencers and viral trends, a unique digital presence has surfaced, fundamentally altering the information consumption for an entire generation. This presence is the manifestation of Shit You Should Care About (SYSCA), a New Zealand-based news brand that has turned Instagram into a personal newsroom.

In the beginning, when SYSCA started their journey on Instagram, they were not aiming to spark a rebellion in digital journalism. The founders—Lucy Blakiston, Ruby Edwards, and Olivia Mercer—were just a group of friends trying to navigate the labyrinth of social media to engage with the pressing issues of the day, and what started as a nieche news for Gen Z, has turned into a playground for SYSCA to spread the news we should all care about.

Paralleling the impressive rise of news influencers like HugoDécrypte, SYSCA's expedition into Instagram has been nothing short of remarkable. Armed with a passion for social justice and an eye for innovation, SYSCA began to simplify global issues into bite-sized, engaging, and most significantly, authentic content.

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The outcome? An influential narrative that resonates with a younger audience and an ever-expanding follower count, which has now surpassed the 3.5 million mark. SYSCA is not merely an Instagram sensation; it's a testament to how authenticity can flourish in an age of information overload, now they are also present on TikTok and Twitter, have two podcasts available on both apple music and spotify.

Why and How it works for SYSCA

Their journey exemplifies how collective voices can leverage their authenticity and appeal to create a dynamic digital persona that resonates with the new generation. In the context of the evolving media landscape, SYSCA's Instagram success story provides valuable insights for both journalists and media organizations navigating the digital space.

Personal connection: SYSCA frequently interacts with their audience, addressing their questions and concerns directly, fostering a sense of community and trust. Brands can recreate this by having journalists host their content and engage directly with viewers, rather than just broadcasting impersonal news pieces.

Contextual storytelling: SYSCA excels in explaining complex global issues by situating them in the broader context of world events or trends, making it easier for their viewers to understand and relate to them. Brands can adopt this technique by linking their news coverage to the bigger picture, effectively communicating why their audience should care about a given topic.

Leveraging Trends: SYSCA often employs popular Instagram trends to convey global issues in an engaging way. Media brands can similarly monitor trending challenges, memes, or post formats, creatively incorporating these into their content to make it more appealing.

Bite-sized reporting: One of SYSCA's key strengths is their ability to condense a complex global issue into a bite-sized, digestible piece of content. This skill is particularly effective on Instagram, where users prefer short, concise content. Media brands can emulate this, focusing on delivering compact yet informative pieces that hold viewers' attention.

SYSCA vs HugoDécrypte: A Comparative Analysis

So why are we comparing these two in the first place? Simply put, HugoDécrypte and SYSCA have become major players in the digital news sphere, each carving out a unique space and engagement strategy.
The rise of Shit You Should Care About (SYSCA) and HugoDécrypte represents two successful but slightly divergent paths within the realm of social media journalism. Both have managed to cultivate large and engaged audiences, becoming influential sources of news and information in the process. However, they've achieved their success in distinct ways.

HugoDécrypte is built around the personal brand of Hugo Travers. The young Frenchman has turned his individual personality and charisma into an asset, leveraging it to build rapport with his audience. This personal touch has helped him differentiate himself in the crowded digital landscape. SYSCA, on the other hand, functions as a collective, with its founders Lucy Blakiston, Ruby Edwards, and Olivia Mercer equally contributing to the platform's content and persona. While their individual identities contribute to SYSCA's brand, the collective operates as a single unit, creating a communal feel and adding another layer of authenticity.

Platform Diversity: Both HugoDécrypte and SYSCA have effectively used social media to reach their audiences, but their platform focus differs slightly. HugoDécrypte operates two YouTube channels, one for daily news and another for more in-depth interviews and investigations. He also maintains a significant presence on Instagram. SYSCA, on the other hand, primarily leverages Instagram for their storytelling. While they do maintain other social media accounts, Instagram remains their main platform for engagement and impact.

Content Delivery: HugoDécrypte and SYSCA both strive to break down complex issues into relatable, easily digestible content. Hugo does this through a combination of concise news updates and in-depth analysis, often involving interviews with subject matter experts. SYSCA, meanwhile, uses Instagram's visual storytelling capabilities to present information in a concise, engaging, and visually appealing manner.

Community Engagement: Both HugoDécrypte and SYSCA place a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of community among their followers. Hugo invites his audience to engage in debates, post comments, and participate in discussions, ensuring his followers are active participants in an ongoing dialogue. Similarly, SYSCA interacts directly with their audience, addressing questions and concerns, creating a sense of connection and trust.

Team Growth: As both entities grew, they evolved from a one-person operation to a team. HugoDécrypte expanded to include a team of over a dozen individuals, each contributing to content creation, curation, and moderation across his platforms. Similarly, SYSCA, initially run by its three founders, now boasts a team dedicated to content production and engagement.

In essence, both SYSCA and HugoDécrypte represent a new wave of digital journalism, effectively leveraging the power of social media to engage and educate their audiences. While their approaches may differ, their impact is undeniable, and they stand as compelling examples of how journalism is evolving in the digital age. Despite the criticisms of this new form of journalism, it is clear that this trend of news consumption isn't a fleeting moment but a significant shift in the landscape of information consumption.

Part of SYSCA's appeal lies in their ability to deliver critical news stories in the format native to Instagram – one that is concise, relatable, and engaging. This has enabled them to tap into a demographic that traditional news outlets often struggle to reach.

So What?

SYSCA's success on Instagram can be attributed to a unique blend of personal charm, adaptability, and a strong commitment to social justice. They've capitalized on these assets to pioneer the art of social journalism, building an impressive audience base that rivals major publishers on the platform.
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